COVAX Geospatial Health
Community of Practice

The CoP meets on the last Thursday of each month

7 - 8 am / New York / GMT -4

1 - 2 pm / Geneva / GMT +1

2 - 3 pm / Amman / GMT +3

6 - 7 pm / Bangkok / GMT +7


The COVAX Geospatial Health CoP creates a venue of knowledge exchange between country implementers of COVAX-related health programs, implementation partners, donors and providers of geospatial solutions, with these primary objectives:

  • Strengthen global coordination of technical assistance to countries related to the sustainable deployment of geospatial solutions,

  • Better align geospatial solutions to country needs and gaps related to the management and delivery of COVAX-related health programs, and

  • Foster the knowledge transfer on innovation and best practices. ​

The CoP is anchored in user needs and country demands and data gaps and fosters the alignment of geospatial solutions and support with WHO and UNICEF approaches to digital and geospatial health, including principles of digital development, health system strengthening, digital ecosystem integration, country ownership and sustainability.